Our History

Nabugabo Up deal Joint Venture started business in 1998 and it was legally registered in 2003. We started with an idea of offering waste management services to clients within the city of Kampala (Central Business District).

In March 2003, the company won a tender of solid waste management in Kampala Central Division. The initial tender ran for a trial period of 1 year, from March 2003 to March 2004, and was later extended to three years. A new contract was signed for us to manage waste in Kampala within a year later giving Nabugabo the responsibility.

The company started with not more than three workers and later on many people were put on board. Currently we are 242 employees in total and from time to time we casually employee people depending on the need.

NUJV is the oldest, organized and most efficient Waste Management private refuse collection and disposal company in Uganda.

Our Mission

To contribute the provision and delivery of quality, sustainable and customer-oriented waste management Company in Uganda.


NUJV’s philosophy is to promote and achieve better life in the community to live in healthy environmental condition through a participatory approach in the promotion of cleanliness, environmental health and sanitary services.

Principal Objectives

  • NUJV considers the following as its specific objectives
  • To provide waste management services for better health and environment
  • To sensitize the communities regarding garbage collection and environmental protection
  • To generate income for the members and the people employed by the company for better standards of living
  • To contribute revenue to the treasury through the services rendered
  • Exploiting waste resources and educating the public about proper waste management


Since its formation, the NUJV been able to:

  • Sensitize the public on the New Solid Waste Management system i.e. (Door to door system) to all residents in Kampala Central. The system is progressing and the population is responding positively.
  • Removed 180 KCC big garbage containers in 2003, deployed on roadsides these were too small and inconveniencing. They were replaced by door-to-door garbage collection. Former street boys and girls who used to scavenge on the garbage where taken up as garbage collectors and supervisors. Turning them into responsible people who earn a living now have families.
  • Contribute to revenue of KCCA and Central government through taxes paid by our company.
  • Create more employment opportunities to over 500 Ugandans.
  • Leading waste firm in Uganda’s capital city(Kampala)contracted by KCCA as its agent